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With Locco, you can leave and discover media content connected to a concrete place.

  • Record a Locc

    Messages, images, video, audio and even drawings!

  • Place it

    Your record will now be saved connected to that exact place!

  • Get it found

    Go ahead, surprise friends, family and even strangers that are present at that location, or will be!

  • Get recognized

    Get appreciated for your Hot Locc by earning Locco Points and become a Hot Loccal!


Some use scenarios of Locco

I am local

Leave and shape your moments

I am connected

Communicate with the people around

I am getting discounts

Find a free coffee right at your footstep

Our Awesome Team

Victor Armash

Lead Beautifier

Isha van Baar

Lead Considerer

Lui Pillmann de Barros

Lead Focusser

Yan Pacheco

Lead Philosopher

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As of April 2015, the waiting list for our beta has been closed.